Evil Dead Rising

Still re-used the basic idea like previous movies: someone found the Book of the Dead/Naturom Demonto/whatever the name is and accidentically read the incantations, thus some demons are summoned. Hell is unleashed, and eventually they figure out how to beat the demon. Hooraayyy. Unfortunately, they don’t destroy the damn book.

I suddenly remember a famous quote:

Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning – Part 1

So, with Ilsa Faust met her demise, was the torched passed to Grace? And I think the AI plot while is hypotetically interesting (sort of digital organism, anyone), I wonder if they asked a real IT expert to review the script: which computer virus can infect *any* hardware it touch? Well… anyway looking forward to Part 2

Happy 30th Anniversary, Doom!

Man, time flies. Doom was released to public on 10th December… 1993.

You can watch the John duos here.

Some may prefer Mario as their most iconic/classic game ever. And some may prefer Zelda, or whatever. As a big FPS fan, yep it’s hard for me to resist Doom (even though I prefer its older brother: Wolfenstein 3D).

Yes, we all know Doom eventually laid the blueprint for many FPS games after. And of course the classic meme “Will It Run DOOM?”