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Meet the famous (or infamous) “mercenary with a mouth”. A sort of Deathstroke gone bonkers, of really really bloody violent of Bugs Bunny. Heh. Probably you guys should not be…

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Man oh man this is just plain awesomeness! Really awesome, seriously. With a fat “A“. Not a really big fan of The Zep, but then again it’s impossible to deny…

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LGBT is not always that bad. Leica – Gitzo – Billingham – TRI-X In this case, actually it’s very very lovely. See?

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Yep, free indeed. Thanks, Facebook!

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First of all, I haven’t read the novels. And I didn’t know either that this is a teen movie :p So, the alien dude said this (not exactly accurate 100%…

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Well, RIP David Bowie…

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No, this is not yet another “DSLRs are pro tools, mirrorless are toys”, or “DSLRs are so ancient, and mirrorless is the future” crap. No. I leave these debates to…

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So today is the first blank page of a 365 366* page book. Let’s write a good one, folks! *I just remembered that 2016 is a leap year :p  


Well.. Selamat merayakan hari Natal buat rekan-rekan Kristen/Katolik. Selamat merayakan Maulid Nabi buat rekan-rekan Mulism. Dan satu lagi: selamat berlibur!* *kecuali buat yang terpaksa ngantor


Nemu post menggelitik AlFatihStudio. Seperti biasa, mengenai kontroversi pemakaian “atribut Natal” oleh kalangan non-Muslim. Saya kutip sebagian aja: Sedihnya hati ini antara memilih pekerjaan dengan akidah | bukan hati ini…

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