Goodbye DSLR, Hello Mirrorless!

No, this is not yet another “DSLRs are pro tools, mirrorless are toys”, or “DSLRs are so ancient, and mirrorless is the future” crap. No. I leave these debates to you camera geeks out there 😀

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I’m simply stating my rationale on switching from Canon 70D to Fuji X100T:

  1. X100T is obviously more compact than 70D, let alone any full-frame DSLR out there. For comparison: the 70D (with battery) is about 755 gr. Add the Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 which is about 125 gr. The total is 880 gr. On the other hand, the Fuji X100T is just about 440 gr. And quite pocketable (assuming you have a deep one).
  2. Carrying DSLR, especially with those huge zoom lens, is like screaming “dude, look at me, I’m a pro photographer”. Mirrorless, on the other hand, is quite discrete.
  3. I’m a Leica sucker. Unfortunately the poor me cannot afford the digital M. Heck, the X100T on a glance is very similar :mrgreen:

The X100T is equipped with a 23mm (roughly the equivalent of 35mm on full frame) f/2 lens. Yes, I’m a big fan of 35mm (the other folks probably prefer 50mm). It’s probably the “most appropriate” focal length for doing landscape, urban shots, or environmental portraits, which are really my preference.

Too bad it doesn’t have interchangeable lens. Occasionally I want to do tight portrait shots and 23mm just don’t do it. I need something like 35mm lens (equivalent on 50mm on full frame) or longer. Which means I need another camera body. Oh well :mrgreen:


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