Sarinah Under Attack

This topic caused quite a sensation today. Usually, my Whatsapp is pretty silent in the afternoon.

But this afternoon? Of course not. New notifications from some groups keep popping up.

And because I’m just too lazy to write my own, I picked 5 of the top Google search:

  1. Begini Kondisi Starbucks Tempat Pelaku Bom Sarinah
  2. BOM SARINAH, 3 Pelaku Baju Hitam Bawa Senjata Laras Panjang
  3. Kronologi Teror Bom Sarinah
  4. Lima Pelaku Bom Sarinah Tewas, Tak Ada yang Ditangkap Hidup-hidup
  5. Polri: Pelaku Bom Sarinah 7 Orang, 4 Orang Ditangkap

What do you think? A highly-organized terrorist attack? A failed suicide bomb attempt? A diversion of Freeport issue?

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