Led Zeppelin-Kids Style

Man oh man this is just plain awesomeness! Really awesome, seriously. With a fat “A“.

Not a really big fan of The Zep, but then again it’s impossible to deny their massive influences on the rock/metal scene.

So anyway, please kindly check out this wonderful kids from the Louiseville Leopard Percussionists playing Kashmir.

Initially, I was kinda sceptical. How could a bunch of kids play a Zep song properly? Turned out it was one wrong understatement, folks. The kids indeed can play. Who knows Kashmir still sounds soo ass-kicking on xylophones and marimbas? 😎

If it is good for Jimmy Page himself, then I guess who I am to argue? :mrgreen:

Well done kids, well done. And of course, kudos to the awesome teachers as well!



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