Batman vs Superman: a very short review

Except a veerrrryyyy tiny amount of spoiler, this blog post is pretty safe. Really.


So here we have the caped crusader fighting against the big blue boy scout. So to speak. Anyway, WTH is Wonder Woman doing here? OK some of you folks may already guessed it: the initiation of Justice League, perhaps?

In theory, it looks good. Unfortunately, I’m kinda disappointed with the movie. And of course, bear in mind that I didn’t expect this movie to be the exact representation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns (actually I did, but eventually abandoned the idea). Not as disappointing as another movie, also starring a really rich guy, in an armor suit though. *cough *couh*

A final verdict 7 (or 6.5??) out 10 is probably gracious enough.

Mr Nolan did job way way better, anyway :p.


*update* spoilers added

  1. The huge monstrosity seen on one of those trailsers is indeed Zod, resurrected and genetically re-enginereed by Luthor using Kryptonian tech. Well….
  2. Look, Neil deGrasse Tysson apperas as one of the commentators :p


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