La Villa Strangiato – xylophone edition

Ask any Rush fan to give you his/her so-called top 10 Rush songs list, and there’s a high chance that La Villa Strangiato is among the list. Yep, the song is such a monstrous instrumental work. Soaring guitar parts, crazy-jazzy drum work, and funky, thundering bass powering from behind. All in together forming torrent of energy. No doubt Ged, Alex, and Neil were really on fire at that time.

Anyway, some folks decided to cover the song, using instrument that is probably quite unusual in the rock world: xylophone

Really interesting, eh? I think they nailed the guitar & parts. Except the drum parts, though.

They don’t cover it, probably because they are just 2 people, trying to cover a trio. Well that’s understandable.


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