Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2

Or how to ask for an apology in a quite long, unstraightforward, not so concise way :p


The prequel of this movie, Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?, was released in 2002. And it was without no doubt pretty much a sensation at those days. Cinta was a role model among the girls, and boys wanted to be cool ‘i don’t give a F’ like Rangga , while quoting poems :p

Surely, for at least 13 years after the movie was launched, there were not any clues regarding of the sequel… until that day. And most people who still remember the movie fondly went hyped :p (man, I don’t want to sound old).

So, does the movie deliver? I’d say overall the answer is a positive yes. It still pretty much retains the similar cute, funny, heartwarming aura, but of course in a maturer way. And with less distractions, with obvious focus on Rangga and Cinta themselves. If you have postponed your relationship for a long time, and curious whether to continue or not, just try to get to the point, right?



Aaaaannnnddd finally, after a series of apologies (yep, happy to see he is more talkative), Rangga expresses his true felling (dude, what took you so long? :mrgreen:). So the fate is sealed, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t think there will be AADC3, 4, and so on (but who knows?).

Without trying to sound sentimental yes, this is one beautiful story. Everybody loves a happy ending.

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