Suicide Squad: A Very Short Note

I usually put the premiere dates of the movies I’m going to watch on my phone calendar, but somehow missed this one. Good thing a friend reminded me.


So these are my short comments, in no particular order.

  1. As usual, manage your expectation. Remember: this is not a Nolan’s :p
  2. I’m a big fan Deathstroke, but he’s not in the team. Yeah yeah I know…
  3. Surprisingly, I think it wasn’t as crappy as BvS. Really. At least to kill your spare time. Hmm I was in a pretty good mood, eh?
  4. Probably it’s just me, but then again I sense a sort of “Guardian of the Galaxy” vibe. A fun movie accompanied by cool sound tracks. Heck, I just played Eminem’s Without Me on Spotify :mrgreen:
  5. Related to #4: it didn’t try to be as dark/gloomy as TDK or BvS.
  6. Some WTF moments there… huh nevermind.
  7.  There’s an after credit scene. Don’t miss it. Seriously :p

All in all, not a bad movie. But seriously, you bad guys could do the worse. Just sayin’


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