The Ninth Low Light Bazaar

A very exciting event mainly geared to analog photography enthusiasts (old cameras, film rolls, lens, polaroids, photography books etc you name it) held at Bara Futsal, Blok M.. But then there were non-photographic stuffs too, like vintage watches, viny players, T-shirts, and also food.


Of course, my main reason visiting the event was cameras. Local analog photography afficionados would quickly noticed reputable sellers/repairmen in that event, such as Eka Raspratama (mainkamera), Ardy Marwan (morninggiantshop), Pak Kasiran (decamera), and Fajar Yayat (hipercatlab).





Lo and behold, I noticed a few interesting gems.


The lovely Nikon F3, designed by the famous Italian automobile designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Sounds familiar? Yep he’s the guy who also designed Ellen Ripley’s watch. Ellen Ripley who? I bet you haven’t watch Alien :p


The classic, made-in-German masterpiece Rolleiflex TLR. Still in pretty good condition, despite some minor scratches here and there.


Zenza Bronica SQ-A, on among the Japanese competitors of the famous Hasselblad V series.


The pocket-sized 35mm Rollei 35 S. One of the compact cameras highly favoured by street shooters.


Rolleiflex SL66. Rollei was famously known for their TLR cameras. Unfortunately during the 1960s the demand for TLRs was decreasing due to the popularity of SLRs. Another direct competitor to Hasselblad V series.


OK, enough camera porn. I stumbled photography service booth, Silver Photo Service (just search it in Facebook).

Damn gorgeous print, really.


Of course, I had quite a talk with several analog shooters. We discussed gear, techniques, and so on. Will visit this event next year :mrgreen:

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