The Leica M-D

I must confess that some Leica decisions are not always make sense to me, e.g:

  1. A digital camera with no touch screen, no autofocus, no Wi-Fi transfer etc which costs roughly $6,500 body only. Dude, the Fuji X100T which costs about 1/6 price has all of them.
  2. A film camera which costs roughly $4,200. Again, body only. Oh come on, we are talking about a film camera. A fully manual, mechanical one, with no autofocus, no metering etc whatsoever. No fancy electrical stuffs. I’d like you remind you once again that this is a film camera.

But that’s OK. Complaining so much why such cameras with relatively minimal features cost staggeringly high simply means I’m not among their target audience. Period.

And then, they released the M-D. A digital rangefinder, like the M240 or the M9, but without LCD. Costs roughly $5900. Yeah, slightly cheaper than the M240, but still WTF? Again, I can just grab the Fuji X100T and break its LCD. There you go, a waaay cheaper LCD-less digital camera.

I’m not sure how these will affect your photos, but most likely your photography experience. Well, you know, the so called “Zen photograpy experience”. Being an unobtrusive, silent camera, you can hear each apperture click. Manual focus means you are 100% in control, not the camera making the images for you. And because there is no LCD (no chimping!!), it’s absolutely necessary to make a thoughtful preparation before pressing the shutter. No tweaking camera settings. All in all, a simple camera that is supposed to deliver pure photography experience. Compose, focus, and shoot. Repeat. How liberating, eh.

Well I guess somehow this camera makes sense for older, rich folks who cut their teeth by shooting film. They want to embrace the simplicity of shooting film back, but without the hassle of darkroom process. So the M-D is supposed to deliver the best of two worlds. Shooting film experience with digital result.

But for us who learn photography by using digital cameras, hmm I’m not sure whether this is either liberating, or just damn confusing. After all, a proper film cameras is just cheaper.

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