Yes, yes, and yes you action-movie freaks are going to love this movie. Well, what can I say? First saw him in The Raid, and my POV about how action movies should be made have changed since that moment. Let’s talk about stabbing – fist fights – bone breaking – deadlocks – head busting etc combos which are delivered fluidly (and some really good cinematography work, I think). One person to another, in fast pace almost non stop.Sound bloody delicious, right?

You Western folks may have Jason Bourne, John Wick, Robert McCall, Frank Martin,… yawn. Me? Well, Iko and his team always deliver. No disapointment at all, even the slightest one. That’s my bet. I like how then can direct simple things like a small knife or a baton into something really lethal.

OK, honestly, that’s the only think really enjoyable about this movie. C’mon, we want some bloody actions, not a romantic, love story, eh? Overall, the plot of this movie is straightword. Would love to see a similar action movie with more complicated story, though.

Final words: 7.x/10


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