Why Not Shoot Medium Format?

A: Hey, I heard you are into photography these days?

B: Yes indeed. Actually, since 3 years ago.

A: Awesome. What you are shooting with? Canon? Fuji?

B: A Sony. Full frame, mirrorless camera.

A: That’s a nice choice. I’m getting tired of carrying my DSLR. Guess I’m getting older.

B:  Heheh, mirrorless is the way to go, I think.

A: …. so anyway, ever thought of shooting medium format?

B: What? Medium format you say? They are outrageously expensive, right?

A: Correct… if you are talking about high end digital medium format gears like the Hasselblad H6D or the Phase One. Prepare to have at least $50K ready. But there is another way, fortunately.

B: Like what?

A: Shoot film, dude. Most of those old, film medium format gears are really affordable. Heck, they are cheaper than current flagship Canon/Nikon DSLRs. See, I bought this Rolleiflex at $150 at a garage sell.

B: Err, I thought film is already dead?


Hopefully this imaginary dialogue can give you a hint why most people don’t go medium format :mrgreen:


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