Boikot Marvel Comics?

Satu lagi dari Mayo… eh boikot-memboikot.

Jika kemarin sempat ramai perihal pemboikotan Sari Roti, sepertinya ada lagi yang perlu diboikot, yaitu Marvel Comics.

Over the weekend, some Indonesian readers started pointing out how a few panels in the debut issue for the new comic series featured references to a currently political situation involving the Governor of Jakarta and the region’s conservative Islamic population. Specifically, Colossus’s shirt seen during a baseball match between the new members of the X-Men team, which read “QS 5:51,” and a building labeled “212″ above new X-Men leader Kitty Pryde’s head (her character is one of the most prominent Jewish heroes in Marvel Comic’s roster, a factoid that will become important shortly).

Well, sok atuh kalo mau boikot-boikotan. Awak duduk manis menunggu GOTG 2 sahajalah (dan film-film Marvel lainnya) :mrgreen:


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