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A very very very powerful man in Indonesia resigned from his position twenty years ago. Yep, 2 decades ago. Now, are you starting to feel old?

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As usual, spoiler alert. So read this at your own risk. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is not about how Snoke got his ass kicked, or how a student re-unite…

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Dan akhirnya terjadi juga… Sepertinya secara umum ada 2 kubu besar yang menyikapi masalah ini: Kubu #1, yang berpendapat BTP salah dan harus segera diadili dan dipenjarakan. Kubu #2, yang…

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In another words: “Calon pembeli itu bukan raja”

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A: Hey, I heard you are into photography these days? B: Yes indeed. Actually, since 3 years ago. A: Awesome. What you are shooting with? Canon? Fuji? B: A Sony.…

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So, another exciting new year, eh? What’s you bullshit resolution list?

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Indeed a very sad news for Star Wars fans. Carrie Fischer, who managed to turn Princess Leica into such an iconic role for decades, passed away at the age of…

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Barusan aja pulang dari menghadiri acara malam keakraban SMU (tepatnya community night), untuk menyatukan beberapa kelompok minat (foto, sepeda, musik, dst) di kalangan alumni. Sebagai lulusan tahun 200x (sepertinya satu-satunya!),…

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I must confess that some Leica decisions are not always make sense to me, e.g: A digital camera with no touch screen, no autofocus, no Wi-Fi transfer etc which costs…

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So today we’re celebrating the 71st anniversary of our independence day. YAY!

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