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A very very very powerful man in Indonesia resigned from his position twenty years ago. Yep, 2 decades ago. Now, are you starting to feel old?

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It’s not about which superhero act gives the most profound effect, but about an act which deeply affected those superheros. After several (failed) attempts to get those Infinity Stones, finally…

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Expectation: “Oh man, this is going to be awesome” Reality: “OK so swords, electric whip, morningstar, cannon etc don’t work. High angle body splash, then…”

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Well, BP is mostly a political drama. And usually I’m not a big fan of drama. There you go.

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Jumat kemarin, terjadi suatu kejadian yang cukup menghebohkan, yaitu seorang mahasiswa UI memberi “kartu kuning” ke Presiden Jokowi saat menghadiri Dies Natalis UI ke-68 di Kampus UI, Depok. Selidik punya…


As usual, spoiler alert. So read this at your own risk. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is not about how Snoke got his ass kicked, or how a student re-unite…

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Film ini mengandung beberapa catatan menarik terkait kondisi masyarakat setempat, antara lain: Janda miskin yg begitu miskinnya sehingga tidak mampu menguburkan suaminya, sehingga… err dibiarkan begitu saja di ruang tamu.…

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This is definitely the best damn line: Q: What are your superpowers again? A: I’m rich.   And BTW, hello Slade!  

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Good cinematography. Well done. Now the character development/story was… well it would be nice to see some developments. Unfortunately…

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