Like Stark himself said in the movie: “…part of the journey is the end”

More than 20 movies spanning over 10 years. If you were a film director, how would you make a nice, proper ending of this series? Probably not an easy task, and no matter how you do it is very likely won’t please everyone. Right?

Regarding the former, I think the directors, Russo brothers, did their job pretty well. Oh yeah, you don’t want tiny closing act. You want something epic. Well, Avengers:Endgame lasts about 3 hours, which is “slightly” longer than its prequel, Infinity War (about 2 and half hours).

I’m not going to wax lyrical. Yes, the movie has the usual funny moments, the awesome bad ass parts which makes you go “OOooooo”, and sad moments which probably are going to make you cry.

Now I’m still pretty unsure about this movie. I blame this due to working overtime. Definitely will watch this one (or twice) more time. As I’m thinking about the whole movie, Tony Stark’s statement kept popping in my head: “part of the journey is the end”. How would you make a good ending? Not just a ordinary good ending, but a meaningful one which is going to last forever in memory. Hmm…

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