Farewell Olympus (??)

Two days ago, Olympus released a shocking announcement:

Take note that the memorandum doesn’t mention anything about bankruptcy at all. Olympus just sold their camera division to another company (JIP), who are going to make profit out of this investment. In shorter words: change of ownership. Of course the normal response is how JIP is going to do that? Good point. We’ll see in a few years, perhaps. Hopefully it will be good, more or less like what happened to Thinkpad after it had been bought by Lenovo.

Unlike Nikon/Canon/Fuji/<insert any Japanese camera manufactur here>, Olympus have been consistent in making nice compact cameras for decades. This is my Olympus OM2, which is smaller than any Leica M or Nikon F body.

Sadly they quit the camera business after 84 years. Will we see now Olympus cameras in the future? Who knows….

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