Black Adam

Hi Teth Adam!

Mixed feeling about this movie. As usual, if you try to serve many sub-plots in a movie, eventually you’ll get sub-par results. What are the subplots, anyway? Some of them:

  • Kahndaq, an oppressed country, being milked for its uber-rare natural resource since thousand years ago.
  • A tyrant trying to forge a mystical crown to amass super awesome mystical power.
  • A nationalist woman, trying to liberate her country knowing from legend once they had a chamption.
  • The introduction of JSA (Justice Society of America). BTW, why they are such jerks that don’t care about Kahndaq?
  • Some other magical/supernatural folks
  • Etc

Imagine having godly powers, and finally was released after 5000 years of imprisonment. Clueless? Sure. Even worse is he’s still pissed of.

One thing I really like about this movie is how he is such a bad-tempered Superman.

We never see The Big Blue Boyscout do those on the movies. He just swiftly knock the enemies down, as harmless as can be. Adam don’t hesitate to rip them off, on the other side 😀

Even the entire JSA squad isn’t powerful enough to beat Adam, so this guy is obviously an extremely global level threat, hmm hmmm? See the post-credit scene. Waller being Waller has an ace card ready in her pocket :p

P.S 1: some may complained how Adam should have been portrayed by a Middle Eastern guy, with elvish/pointy ears. Me? I don’t really care.

P.S 2: other complained how this movie lack solid world-building. Hard to disagree with that.

P.S 3: Yes, I get the”Middle East colonialisation vibe”. History isn’t really my cup of tea, anyway.

P.S 4: I imagine Shazam meeting his older brother will be hilarious. Or awkward.

Conclusion: definitely will keep watching how the story goes.

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