Batman (2022)

Very interesting Batman movie, inspired by various comics like Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Year One, Batman: Hush, Batman: Ego, etc. This time, you won’t see the Dark Knight fighting against planet buster folks like Superman or Doomsday or anything superheroic involving Justice League, The League of Shadows etc etc. Nope.

Let’s lower the bar just a little bit. If you expect the Bat to swiftly eliminated his opponents here and there ninja-style, you’ll be disappointed. This is the rookie, relatively inexperienced Batman who mostly work using his detective skills (Batman Begins, anyone?). Well not suprisingly, the enemy is Riddler.

The Riddler in Hush. See the resemblance?

Not just Ridler, though. There’s also Penguin. As the Riddler killed certain Gotham citizens, some cryptic clues were left, and it’s up to Batman and Comissioner Gordon to solve the puzzles to hopefully prevent the next victim.

In previous Batman movies, we typically see Alfred as a fatherly figure for Bruce. Not in this movie. We see more dynamics, some clashes/conflicts here and there.

Gordon is depicted as cooperative, thinking cop here, not just simply waiting for clues from the Batman. Nice to see that.

And also it’s nice to know that Catwoman isn’t a mere fancy burglar.

OK, enough with the plot. On the otherside, I think the cinematography is also excellent. The city felt very… real. You see cars and people passing by in the day. And in the night, accompanied by impending music, watch out for shadows. You’ll never know from where “I am vengeance” strikes.

I really like the movie that I watched it 3 times. Hehehe…

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